Field of business

IJB has focused on development/supply of information protection solution, information protection consulting, development and supply of forensic-based solutions as the main fields of business.

  • 01 Information Protection Solution

    Qator Enterprise (Monitoring of information leakage)

    Seculn Enterprise (Security check and on-site audit)

    MobileWay Smart (Smart phone security check)

    Privacy Finder (personal information protection)

  • 02 Information Protection Solution

    Support establishment of information protection measures

    Analyze threat/vulnerabilities of main information assets

    Establish IT infrastructure enterprise-wide security/management system

  • 03 e-Discovery Solution

    Respond to disputes between companies
    or leakage of inside information

    Support construction of e-Discovery system

  • 04 Digital Forensic Service

    Construct computer forensic related system

    Collect and investigate digital evidence

    Recover and analyze images

    Analyze and decipher code