SecuIN Enterprise

A solution for security check and on-site audit

  • Instant data collection
  • File system analysis and environment collection
  • Permanent deletion of security violation documents
  • Security setting status analysis
  • Creation of security status board and report
인정보 제품

Product Overview

  • Introduction to SecuIN Enterprise (PC Integrated Security Management)

    • Regularsecurity
    • Setting of
      security policy
    • Analysis of violation
      and vulnerabilities
    • Quantification of

    - PC integrated security/inspection solution that inspects internal PC security status and easily identifies security status through the digitized security index.

    - SecuIN Enterprise is an integrated security checksolution that enables On-Line /Off-Line security check and analysis for main security issues of PC.

  • Product application tasks(security check of in-house employees and resident partners)

    Security check by installing Agent on all in-house PC in Client-Server type
    제품 적용 업무(사내 임직원 및 상주 협력업체 보안 점검)
    1. 01)[Establish and apply security policy] Establish in-house security policy and apply to security checksolution
    2. 02)[Perform PC security checkand quantify check results] Manage PC security status and check security status of document and removable storage media
    3. 03)[Analyze results and create reports] Collect the results of quantification for each individual and create reports
    Policyapplication according to the level of employees and business partners
    Policyapplication according to the level of employees and business partners
    Target of applications in-house employees / [resident employees of partner companies] employees of partner companies residing in the company
    Main Policy

    Main policy Classification Application

    Main policy Classification Application
    Classification In-house employees Residing partner companies
    System security Apply to all departments Apply to all companies
    Document security Track creation/change and distribution path Prohibit storage of documents including important information
    Web Monitoring of access to non-business site Monitoring of access history
    Removable storage media (USB/external hard) Check status of use Block and check the attempt of use
    Check cycle Regular check of security status
    In-depth check at specific point of time such as “Day of Security”