Qator Enterprise

An internal audit/security accident investigation
solution, Qator Enterprise.

  • Forensic investigation function
  • Confidential data leakage investigation
  • Important data distribution check
  • Collection of various client information
  • Various viewer functions convenient for investigation

Product Overview

  • Present Status of Information Leakage

    - More than 90% of information leakage occurs through the personnel accessing the company (internal employee or employees of partner companies)

    - Need to monitor the behavior of internal employees who can access confidential information

    - Average damage amount per case of industrial secret: 1.02 billion won

    Status of Information Disclosure

    - Qator Enterprise is the system that can effectively find the source of leakage and investigate the system if an information/technology leakage occurs.

    - It can prevent leakage accident in advance by analyzing PC of the personnel subject to monitoring through remote investigation.

    • Forensic

      file search and analysis

      recovery of deleted data

      internet, e-mailanalysis

      evidence imaging

    • Data Collection

      periodic data collection

      volatile data collection

      remote investigation

      PC screen content collection

    • Remote Investigation Management

      File usage history investigation

      Current PC screen investigation

      Security management policy setting

      Report generatioN

  • Utilization of Qator Enterprise

    Accident Prevention

    Qator Enterprise can be used to minimize the corporate loss that may occur due to leakage of important confidential data.

    Accident Response

    Qator Enterprise can be used to effectively investigate the accident through analysis of collected data /forensic analysis /remote analysis in case of leakage of important internal confidential data.


    Qator Enterprise can be used to secure favorable evidence data that can minimize corporate risk in response to potential lawsuit.